Mentor Membership (Must be background checked Mentor to Apply)

$20.00 / year


As a Mentor Member of First Hunt Foundation, you will be receiving the current Annual Report and will receive the new one each year you maintain your membership. You will be able to see the great accomplishments and growth of the Foundation. For example, in 2019, FHF accomplished 4,018 mentored days. You will receive the latest free gift offered by FHF upon your initial sign-up. You’ll love it! Likewise, as a Mentor Member, you will receive a free membership to Outdoors International. This is a $120 value free to you. Members of OI get a multitude of discounts on great gear and are eligible for highly discounted guided hunts and more! Yours free by just being a Mentor Member. FHF is totally ran by volunteers so all of your donation goes into delivering our mission of “Keeping the Heritage Alive”. Thank you for supporting the future of hunting.


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