• The First Hunt Foundation's main emphasis is mentoring new hunters. Mentor based experiences can develop lifelong skills and a passion for hunting. This support for hunting can be passed on to future generations of new hunters.The First Hunt Foundation is looking to establish chapters of mentors across the United States.  Each prospective mentor must pass a criminal background check  and agree to a Mentor's Creed to participate.  We expect our mentors to uphold the highest standards of good hunting ethics and follow safe practices when working with Mentees.  Mentors and Mentees are currently covered under our insurance.  If you are interested in being a mentor or helping establish a chapter of First Hunt Foundation, please contact us below.

Hunter Appreciation Certificates

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Mentor's Creed

Each Mentor agrees to follow the FHF Creed.

 As a mentor for the First Hunt Foundation, I will follow and teach all appropriate State Fish and Game regulations regarding the species hunted. I will practice fair chase and teach clean kill techniques and will teach subsistence principles for harvested animals to be consumed. I will hold myself to the highest ethical standards while hunting and avoid any practices that might appear unusual or offensive to other hunters or the non-hunting public. I will strive to make the First Hunt experience for those I mentor fun and enjoyable and will do everything within my power to make the experience safe so they may strive to return to the field for additional hunting opportunities. I will accept no compensation from mentees or their parents or guardians.  


Mentor Map

Need a mentor?

The First Hunt Foundation has mentors scattered across the nation in 24 states.  The map below shows their locations and by clicking on the individual flags, you can get contact information for them.  First, see if a mentor is close to you and then contact them to see if they can help.  Our mentors are volunteers and many take on multiple mentees filling up their time quickly.  FHF appreciates their service and we hope you do too.  Happy hunting! 


Hunter Appreciation Program

Certificate Program

​Working with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Torstenson Family Endowment & Outdoors International, First Hunt Foundation is seeking successful first time hunters to award them a certificate of appreciation. It’s our way of congratulating them for choosing to be a hunter and successfully completing a milestone in their hopefully long hunting career. Each is species specific so whether the new hunter harvested an elk or a rabbit, we want to celebrate with them. We will award these as long as supplies and funding lasts. The successful hunter need not have participated in a FHF mentored hunt to receive a certificate. Fill out the form below to apply for your no cost certificate. 

Partners for Certificates


Hunting Certificate Application

Info needed for Successful Hunter

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First Hunt Foundation

2965 Hwy 162, Kamiah, ID 83536, US

(208) 917-9700