First Hunt Foundation

Connecting Heroes and Hunters

Our New Targeted Mentor & Mentee Recruiting Program!

First Hunt Foundation has tremendous respect and admiration for our national and local heroes.  All veterans and first responders understand mission, teamwork and the desire to serve.  We want to connect these heroes to a new mission of recruiting new hunters and helping those in their own ranks learn about conservation and hunting.  If you are interested in learning more about this new program contact FHF's Connecting Heroes & Hunters Director, Rich Cotte at It's going to be epic!


The mission of Connecting Heroes and Hunters is to provide veterans and first responders with a renewed sense of purpose and mission focus through mentorship of new hunters.


The vision of Connecting Heroes to Hunters is to ensure that veterans and first responders always have an avenue to discover a new collective purpose and unified bond in serving their community as well as the national need to keep our hunting heritage alive today, tomorrow, and forever.

What are the Values of CH&H?

  • Safety – First in all we do, making conscious efforts in every action to ensure the safety of our hunters and mentors
  • Ethics – Follow the law; respect the land, landowner, other hunters, and your prey; know your weapon and always follow the principles of fair chase and clean kill
  • Honor – Not only living up to all of our values, but also paying homage to the sacrifices that veterans and first responders have made in their lives
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing, legally, ethically, and morally; having the mental, moral, and physical strength to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct and accepting responsibility for mistakes
  • Respect – Treating all people and the environment with the dignity they deserve
  • Dedication – Total commitment to ensuring our heroes find purpose in preserving our national hunting heritage
  • Compassion – Treating others with dignity and respect; try to understand others’ experiences with a desire to help
  • Inclusion – Creating an environment where all have the opportunity to contribute, develop, and work together
  • Relationships – Based on our personal commitments to each other and keeping the heritage alive