Frequently Asked Questions

We want all our mentors to feel educated and prepared for both their time in the field and about the foundation. Please feel free leave any questions below if your question has not been answered.

What does it take to form a chapter?

In order to form a chapter you need to fill out the Chapter Formation Form.

Why haven't I heard from the foundation?

If you have not heard from the foundation please feel free to reach out to your chapter leader. We are always updating lists and making corrections to data so please reach out. We want all mentors to feel included and need everyone's help to carry out our mission.

What is the difference between a Training and Hunting day?

Hunting days are days that you spend hunting with a mentee. This includes hunting any species of animal and being in the outdoors. Training days are days that you are teaching a mentee anything from ethics to how to shoot. This could include target shooting, teaching hunters safety, ethics, or scouting for game.

What should I do if I have a story or media that I would like the foundation to use?

In order to submit stories or media you can go to the mentor portal and select the option that works best for for what you need to submit.

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